Flavor modulators are created via our flavor chemists by combining building blocks of aromatic and non-aromatic molecules. Flavor modulators for masking, enhancing, boosting and blocking, work to best meet your team’s flavor goals for your finished foods and beverages.

BOOSTRACT can extend the length of time a perceived flavor lingers. In food and beverages that go through heat processing, BOOSTRACT can help replace lost flavor notes and help restore the full, rich taste of food and beverages, minimizing the flavor losses incurred during the heat process.

Vanilla Ice Cream with Chocolate Sauce

How does our technology work?

BOOSTRACT enhances the desired notes associated with the named flavor in a product. For instance, if you want robust coffee flavors with less acidity and well-rounded improvement in the bean notes, we recommend using our Coffee BOOSTRACT.

If your project has onions in a mother sauce base, you can enhance the overall flavor profile of the sauce with our Onion BOOSTRACT. If you want an amazing tomato soup, you will be delighted with our Tomato BOOSTRACT that brings a fresh tomato flavor profile and the ability to mask the metallic packaging notes that come from a can.

Looking for sweet characteristics of fruit notes? BOOSTRACT makes citrus taste fresher, heightens a delicate raspberry flavor in a nutritional bar or highlights the distinct note of an exotic tropical fruit in a beverage.

But what about indulgence you ask?

Vanilla, Chocolate, Maple, Honey, Peanut and even Allergen-free Nut versions of BOOSTRACT build a foundation of flavor that is decadent and allows consumers to experience luxury to imbibe in the guilty pleasures you develop.

BOOSTRACT can contribute benefits to beverage, dairy and non-dairy, sweet, savory, plant-based, even fruit and vegetable applications.

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